Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Carbon Credit Sales Support Philanthropy

For those who are wondering how a startup agriculture business of MOhemp Kenya can afford to spend $2,249,002 on Philanthropy activities that do not affect the bottom line of the company.

I am proud to announce that Carbon Credit Sales are used to support the philanthropic activities!   What a great use for those whom are needing to offset the carbon they produce!   MOhemp Kenya will put the dollars to work in helping the local community.

Carbon Credits Support Philanthropic Activities-Community Outreach, Education, Research
MOhemp Kenya Philanthropic Activities supported by Carbon Credit Sales

In addition to the Carbon Credit Bonus for the Lender or whomever helps assist MOhemp Kenya receiving the funding needed, we have built in a: Goodwill Payment of $59,858 a year for four years!  

MOhemp Kenya is thinking long term income potential and the Founders will sacrifice a portion of their future salaries to help get the ball rolling on the Agriculture Startup.

Investor Information Packet is ready for viewing. 

Investor packet contains details on repayment of the $2M investment in 4 years- total cash repayment of $3,098,000 that when combined with the $2,249,002 Carbon Creditstotals: $5,347,002.  Not a bad ROI on the original $2M business startup costs

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