Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Soil Treatment TapRoot Kenaf Plant

Treating the Soil and Growing Biomass Energy Part 1

-so easy a kid can do it!

Raising and harvesting Kenaf aka-Indian Hemp; is so easy even a child can do it! The kids helped with the Test plants and were used in as Props to document the stages of growth of the Kenaf Test Plants from planting to harvest.

I also included mathematical figures of how the Kenaf plants tap-root system would aid in adding biodiversity to the soil by creating what I call: biodiversity reserve holding tank for the soil that lessens the water runoff scenarios after rain storms. Which is like having 150- 4 person hot tubs dispersed over an acre of land.

Kenaf Test Plant Tap Root System

Nov 21-2016

Lets now use the root system to demonstrate how the tap root system will assist in conditioning and adding biodiversity to the soil.

When Kenaf is planted for fiber it is generally sown at: "populations of 185,000 to 370,000 plants/ha (75,000 to 150,000 plants/acre) -Purdue University"

  • 100,000 amount of plants per acre
  • Volume of the Root 
     6 inch long, 1 inch base= 56.55 cu in
  • 1 acre = 43,560 sq ft / 100,000 plants = 2.34 plants per sq ft of Kenaf roots breaking up a hard pan clay type soil.
  • 2.34 roots X 56.66= 132.58 cu in water pockets per square foot spread over an acre is: 5,666,000 cu in of water pockets

This important for a few reasons:

  • As the roots deteriorates it will add nutrients to the soil; while at the same time-  
  • creating a water pocket or a biodiversity reserve holding tank for the soil that lessens the water runoff scenarios after rain storms.

Most Importantly, This

  "Process cycles and returns the carbon  from the air we breathe back into the Earth- 
eliminating the effects of climate change"


Raising and Harvesting Kenaf 

-so easy even a child can do it.  

one-half inch tall Kenaf Sprouts
half inch sprouts July 14
July 14-2016 1/2 in Sprouts

Aug 7 Kenaf Plant Image
Aug 7-2016
 One Month Plant Growth 40 inches Tall
40 inches tall in 1 Month- Kenaf
August 20-2016 
 50 inches tall at 6 weeks
50 Inches Tall- Kenaf
August 26-2016
Ferocious Guard Dogs and the Little Green Thumb
Dogs and Kids Best Buddies
Sep 9-2016
 Look at how fast they grow! 
Look at how fast they grow Oct 8 2016
Oct 8-2016
Even on a milk crate I can't reach the top... 
Even on a milk crate I can't reach the top
Oct 8-2016

...neither can I!
Kenaf Plant Towers over the outstretched arm of scotty

great for exploring

Oct 31-2016 #Peace

One night a rain storm broke a stalk
Rain Storm Broke Stem on a Kenaf Plant-
Nov 3-2016
This Kenaf plant become the 
Little Green Thumb's 1st Kenaf Harvest

Love the Determination
Growing Kenaf to condition the soil is so easy even a kid can do it!


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  2. comment from Pia JensenI {via linkedin on this photo} agriculture education has a long history of above the soil theory and chemical application [non]solutions - I personally think permaculture needs to move quickly from the "private/group" fee supported edu model to being at every high school, community college and university. Then, after a few years, many more people will understand what a gem you have going on. [the untold use of the Kenaf Tap Root] www.linkedin.com/hp/update/6210931670346985472